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Stone Age Thinking: HSMA


This is a venue to report Harry Stone Montessori Academy's long awaited movement to the Digital Age of Educational Technology. We are trying very hard to rebrand both our campuses by bringing in digital tools that elevate the academic rigor offered at our school. Our focus will be on our pilot with Samsung, Haiku, LMS, our Google transition and our projects that we promote using the Crowd Source Funding platform, PledgeCents. 

Technology Courses


Here is a list of the current technology topics covered within the courses offered at HSMA

  • 6th Grade Microsoft 

  • 7th Grade Tech Apps

  • 8th Grade Advanced Tech

  • Photography

  • Videography 

  • Coding

  • Tech Squad Student  Support

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Theatre Sound and Lighting

  • Robotics

The Technology Impact

Advanced Tech Ambassadors 

Our 8th grade students have taken an keen eye for photography and are using the Samsung Galaxy Note Tablets and the Photoshop app to edit and enhance their own images taken themselves. Therefore photos were put together to create a video to help raise funds for more cameras to fuel their new passion. See the PledgeCents page for more information. 

Final Project created by the Advanced Tech Ambassadors promoting Tech Squad @ Harry Stone. 

Congratulations to Harry Stone Montessori Academy for being the 2nd school in the entire state of Texas to become a Digital Citizenship Certified School


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